I loved Matilda, I had it on VHS and I watched it so much that the VCR ended up killing it! Who wasn't scared of Miss Trunchbull? I so wanted a teacher like Miss Honey and to this day I have dreams about the perfect slice of chocolate cake like Brucey eats. But I think the one part that everyone can relate to was when Matilda discovers her powers. Who didn't spend hours trying to move things with their mind?! I know I did! Enter, The Matilda Challenge. What's that you ask? Well, let me give you a reminder of when Matilda discovers her powers.

The challenge that's gone viral has one person acting as Matilda along to the music "Little Bitty Pretty One" by Thurston Harris and with a little magic, usually other people and editing, you make it look like you really are Matilda who just discovered her powers. Well, today I got to live out my Matilda dreams, and with some magic (Nico) I too discovered my powers!

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