There's no greater feeling than pulling a prank on your roommate just for the hell of it. One of Jimmy Kimmel's writers has a roommate that is beyond scared of ghosts.

Jimmy Kimmel Live is a show that enjoys pulling off pranks on their loved ones. Jimmy Kimmel lent a helping hand in order to scare Jack's roommate Mitch. Jack thought it would be a good idea to help Mitch face his fear of ghosts and other haunted happenings. They made sure to attach cameras in the places Mitch usually preferred to be a bump on a log. It was funny to see how Mitch freaked the hell out over every single noise he heard. The best thing about this prank was their house has a basement which made every scary moment possible.

This may have taken place a couple years ago but still is funny to witness a bigger guy (Mitch) look for comfort in his smaller friend Jack!