On his late-night talk show Thursday night, Jimmy Fallon channeled Eddie Vedder to sing a tribute to New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin. Fallon reworked the lyrics to Pearl Jam‘s classic ‘Jeremy’ to reflect the ‘Linsanity’ that has taken over the NBA the past few weeks.

Introduced as ‘Pearl Jam’ by ‘Late Night’ announcer Steve Higgins, Fallon was dressed head-to-toe like Vedder as he attempted to capture the Pearl Jam singer’s vocal and fashion styles.

The lyrics to ‘Jeremy (Lin)’ featured lines like ‘At home shooting free throws and 3-point shots / Waiting for a job / Name not yet a pun / Carmelo injury / Came out of nowhere like an Asian Tebow.’

While Jeremy Lin’s play on the court has been unbelievable since his sudden emergence, his game didn’t fare as well against the Miami Heat on Thursday night as Fallon’s performance did. But if Lin’s future is anything like Pearl Jam’s legacy, he should have a long and prosperous career in the NBA.

Ironically, Pearl Jam’s original band name was Mookie Blaylock, an NBA star from 1989-2002.

Watch Jimmy Fallon (as Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder) Sing ‘Jeremy (Lin)’