If you've graduated from either Jefferson or Bowie High School, you may want to plan on watching the rivalry game tonight. Bowie and Jefferson High School will be battling the rivalry out on the Sun Bowl football field. Tonight the game will be intense since it is a Battle of the Southside. If you didn't know who won the Battle of the Southside last year, it was the Bowie Bears.

The rivalry games are always the best games to watch the anticipation both schools have. Last year, in 2018, the Bowie Bears won the Battle of the Southside and could either win again or lose this battle. If you're wanting to root for your former high school then you can do just that at the Sun Bowl Stadium tonight. If you're a Silver Fox supporter be sure to wear your red this evening. Now if you're in support of Bowie then make sure to wear all the blue you can.

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