We have a f**k ton of reasons to love Jared Leto, and he recently gave us one more! He's been known for his kind heart especially his kind words.

He was on Ellen talking about his new movie Blade Runner 2049 and also spoke out on the tragic event in Las Vegas. Jared Leto is known for having such a big heart and speaking his mind on politics and music. Another cool thing about him is he never talked bad about our city after he broke his nose at the County Coliseum during his concert. Ellen had mentioned he was just in Vegas and wanted his in put about the horrific event. Jared Leto spoke from the heart and every word he said was so powerful and true about our human spirit. Ellen tweeted about Jared Leto saying she loves him but who couldn't love his beautiful soul?!

Hopefully Jared will inspire you to spread a little more kindness to others and empathy.

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