Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO may be sitting on a goldmine in the form of a poop-powered motorcycle. Named the Toilet Bike Neo, the vehicle runs on human excrement that is deposited into an on-bike toilet. The moving port-o-potty communicates to the rider in Japanese using LED lights, plays music, and even talks.

Inhabitant explains how the first real test for the bike is a cross-country journey. The toilet bike will begin “a 100% biogas-fueled journey from Kyushu to Tokyo, making stops along the way to answer questions from the press and spectators.” The trip across the nation is also to promote the company’s “Green Challenge” of reducing emissions 50% over the next five years.

Even more interesting are the special features on the rolling throne.

Like many of TOTO’s actual toilets, the toilet bike can chat to you while you’re doing your business on a variety of subjects like fortune-telling, stocks, or even the weather.

Good luck to TOTO in their quest for a greener, cleaner world. Let’s hope the bike makes it safe to its final destination and doesn’t crap out.

[TOTO Toilet Company via Inhabitant}