Have you ever noticed motorcycle riders driving offfensively around the freeway or streets?  What's worst is wondering where the hell the cops are when they're riding illegally!

I really disapprove when the bikers try to pet my peeves by driving exactly the way this El Pasoan rides above. When I witness some bikers like this I always wonder if they're in a hurry to meet God. They're idea of getting somewhere quicker and hopefully making it to their destination in one piece is by riding between lanes while passing cars to get ahead. There have been times where you've heard about an accident involving a motorcyclist that's driving offensively. Now I also give props to the ones that ride with respect knowing they share the same road with us. I hope the dude Bobbydoo8 above decided to stop riding so recklessly around El Paso.

If you can relate, be sure to share this story with THAT friend who bike rides in this dangerous manner!

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