What's going on with Sleep Token? After wiping their Instagram earlier this week, the band posted a link to one of their songs on X yesterday (Jan. 16) without any further context, and fans have theories about what it might mean.

The Sleep Token fanbase has been in a frenzy over the last few days ever since someone allegedly found and shared the birth certificate and address of one of the band members, III, online. Sleep Token have since deleted everything from their Instagram page, and changed their bio to include the quote "Nothing lasts forever." Many have speculated that the leaking of III's information led the band to suddenly clear their Instagram, though the band has not yet commented on either situation.

Instead, yesterday, they shared a link to their song "Ascensionism," from their 2023 album Take Me Back to Eden. They didn't give any other context with the post, so now their fans are trying to figure out what it means. Many of them are highlighting the song's lyrics, particularly the lines "You make me wish I could disappear" and "You're gonna watch me ascend."

"How is no one connecting 'you make me wish I could disappear' rn," someone replied to Sleep Token's post.

"You all focusing on the disappearing aspect totally missing the ascending aspect.. new era... perhaps harder Era hence the new masks. So much hysteria without any actual confirmation," someone else added.

The majority of users on the Sleep Token Reddit page seem to think that the group's plans are geared more toward the "ascension" part of the song than the disappearance.

"Everyone is making connections to the 'You make me wish I could disappear' lyric but I really hope they're pointing to the 'You're gonna watch me ascend' lyric instead. Hinting at the start of the new era they've been teasing," a fan wrote, with someone else noting that the Instagram cleanse could have just coincidentally happened around the same time as the apparent birth certificate leak.

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Others have speculated that their "ascension" will include doing a larger scale tour of North American, and perhaps expanding it to other parts of the world. Check out the full Reddit discussion by clicking on the post below, and see more theories on X underneath.

They're being cryptic again...
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