There's no doubt that during the warmer months, electric bills and water bills can go sky high. But six figures? And no way to reverse the charges? Something really doesn't seem right.

A homeowner in Abilene is looking for answers, answers the City of Abilene has yet to provide over a water bill that is ridiculously high.

According to, Debbie Vicary opened her water bill last week and was shocked to learn that the bill was for $911,116.46... nearly a million dollars. She was charged for using 99 million gallons of water. At that point it became a race against time as Vicary had her water bill set to auto-pay.

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A call to customer service apparently provided no relief as a representative told her according to the story that they didn't know what she owed. The charge did hit her bank which resulted in being over drafted but the bank was about to charge back the account.

Still, Vicary waits for an answer from the City of Abilene as to why she was charged so much and why the city couldn't reverse the charges.

“The debt is out of my account now. It still happened, and it’s not over. I have yet to speak to a person of authority, and that’s what bothers me. I just hope that it gets to the people it needs to get to so that this doesn’t happen to somebody else,”

One thing that Vicary did that everyone should do is look at the bill that comes in that mail. Even if you are on autopay, check the bill.

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