Not everyone has the same love for Walmart.

Some people love shopping at the big box retailer because they can get whatever it is they're looking for, from groceries to electronics, to sporting goods, clothes and so much more all in one convenient location. However, there are those people who absolutely steer clear of passing through the front doors of a Walmart.

Many people don't have a love for Walmart because the store can feel crowded and you have to mess with those self-checkout terminals which can be a pain especially when you don't know the fruit and vegetable codes!

Personally, I don't mind Walmart. It's just convenient and I don't have to run to several different stores to complete my shopping list. I do however steer clear of placing an online order for groceries. The few times my wife has done it we've been displeased with the quality of fruits and vegetables and they always seemed to be out of some pretty basic things and what they substituted in its place was sub-par.

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So I just prefer to go into the store and get exactly what I need. Going into a Walmart, I've seen a lot of changes happen over the years at all of their locations.

As with any business, change is inevitable. Just this week a debate broke out on social media over the introduction of new shopping carts at Walmart. While they may offer more conveniences for some, there are some serious disadvantages for others.

While these new shopping carts are being introduced, Walmart has plans to implement nine major changes this year according to Eat This. Some of the changes are already being tested and have been deployed in stores across the US including here in Texas.

Here Are 9 Changes That Are Coming To A Walmart Near You Soon

Change will be happening at Walmart locations throughout East Texas and the U.S. To what extent though will depend upon the landscape, available technology, customer feedback, and necessity. While these changes will not be happening all at once at stores nationwide, it is interesting to see what is potentially coming as previewed by Eat This.

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