No matter how you look at it Texas has it all. We have so much going for us. We have so many places to see. We have towns like Happy that just the name makes us, well, Happy.

We have towns that everyone mispronounces. We have towns we escape to when we need to get away. We have big tourist cities. We have tiny towns that we can just get off of the grid. We can drive a long way or just a short distance.


We have happy places and apparently, we also have creepy places. I mean why wouldn't we? Again, Texas has it all. Recently a discussion came up about the creepiest places in Texas.

Halloween may be over but our love for all things creepy just seems to never go away. We love the thrill of having that pit in our stomach. The uncertainty of a new place we have never visited. Especially if there is an inkling that the place has even a pinch of creepiness.

Metal Texas road Sign against sky.

Some of the Creepiest Towns in Texas That You Can Visit

  • Vidor
  • Terlingua
  • Kilgore
  • Garrison
  • Jefferson
  • Jasper
  • Huntsville

Some are creepy, like Huntsville because just the prison makes it that way. Some are small towns with small-town living and minds that make them a little creepy. Some are just naturally creepy.

Which town in Texas do you think is the creepies? Is there one that should be added to the list? Have you had any creepy encounters in any city in Texas?

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