I don't play a whole lot but it is fun to grab a couple of Texas Lottery scratch-off tickets from time to time. Sure, I know I'm most likely just giving my money to the State of Texas instead of winning but it's still fun to try. That feeling of anticipation of a hopeful big win as you scratch is what I think is the most fun. Even if I get my money back, I still consider that a win.

My Fiancé Has Been a Cold Streak Lately

I remember when the Texas Lottery was first introduced in the late 90s. Every payday I would swing by Racetrac (now Raceway) in Lindale and pick up eight or nine $1 scratch-offs. Out of those eight or nine, I would hit $5, $10, or $25 on at least three of them.

Over the years since, I haven't had as much luck with them. My fiancé, Amber, had a nice run with scratch-offs for a while. $30 here, $100 there. It's not the big jackpots but some decent wins nonetheless. She's been on a losing streak lately, however.

Big Jackpots Won Lately

There have been some big wins as of late with Texas Lottery scratch-off tickets. When I say big, I mean $1 million big.

Several East Texans has taken home some huge payouts over the last several months. The Texas Lottery keeps a running tab of the various scratch-off games and will update the jackpots won and the ones remaining. This is to benefit you, especially if you like to play regularly.

After seeing this list, I think I may need to seek out some of these tickets because it looks like the chances of hitting a big jackpot are just a tad bit better with these Texas Lottery tickets.

Strike it Rich with a Huge Jackpot from 1 of These 21 Texas Lottery Scratch Offs (Accurate as of March 18, 2024)

We all wouldn't mind having at least one big lottery win. You could do just that with one of these 21 Texas Lottery scratch offs.

Gallery Credit: Texas Lottery

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