These are some things that I believe we Texans tend to brag about and they are things we are entitled to boast about. Furthermore, we have the right to brag about everything in Texas because we are awesome people and we live in an incredible State.

Additionally, there are some things that we possess that put Texans way over the top from any other State and/or Country for that matter. Things that are better in Texas like an ice-cold Dr. Pepper that's ours it started here and it's a Texas thing.

Then there are our foods, yep you guessed it, we are big on our Texas-sized Chicken-fried steaks, mesquite-smoked briskets, grilled steaks, and awesome Tex-Mex food that has our State's stamp of approval.

There is no other state that could imitate us, even if they tried. Then, there is the size of our hearts, state, and the things we display. Like Big Tex or the world's largest fire hydrant (in case you have a really big dog), cowboy boots (for our big tall cowboys and cowgirls), college bass drum (because in Texas we love our football), and everything else you'll see in the photo gallery attached.

First off the food in the Lone Star State is absolutely insanely good, as you'll see in the photos that will make you hungry. Then there are those decorations that welcome you to their fair cities.

Things Are Better and Bigger in Texas and Here's My Proof!

The Food, the Art, and the Atmosphere have always been better and bigger in the Lone Star State!

Gallery Credit: Rudy Fernandez

The proof is here, there are a hundred other photos and places that I could share with you to prove once and for all that "everything is bigger and better in Texas." My hope is that you may have learned of these cool places to visit and will make the time to go. Enjoy!

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