Every morning, I pass a Luby's on my way to work. It's been there for who knows how long and it always has a message on the marquee. Usually for what I can assume is the special of the day; it's things like the cheese enchiladas or the salmon.

For as long as I've always passed that Luby's I've never actually been to one. I was usually told that it was an "old folks" dining establishment. But as I learned, it was actually a go-to place for some of my friends and family. I began to wonder if  I was the only one NOT going to Luby's?

Last year when the pandemic hit, Luby's had made an announcement that they would be "dissolving" and, weirdly enough, some of my friends were sad at the announcement that Luby's would be closing.  Alas, not all the Luby's in El Paso closed- I believe that there is another one open aside from the one on Mesa that I pass every morning. And it would seem as though there is a glimmer of hope for Luby's lovers as the company has decided to go down the same path Whataburger has gone: it was sold to a Chicago investor. 

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That's right, another Texas favorite has fallen victim to a Chicago investor. Remember when Whataburger was sold to a Chicago investor and we all kind of lost it? Well, there doesn't seem to be much outrage with this one, especially since the new owner says that all the menu favorites won't be changed. So, I ask of you humble reader: am I missing out? Should I go to a Luby's and enjoy a meal or two? What would I order? What would you recommend?

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