A family in Texas has been told to take down their Christmas decorations because their homeowners association told them it's too early to have them up. The battle for Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. Stores begin putting up their decorations in October now, before Halloween. So while you're grabbing candy for trick-or-treaters, you may have to fight your way through those Christmas tree displays. While apparently society has decided it's okay for stores to begin putting up decorations early, the rules aren't the same for your home.

One couple from San Antonio learned this the hard way after putting up their holiday decorations too early, according to their homeowners association. Claudia Simonis is eight months pregnant and didn't think she would be able to put up the decorations in December. It's hard to string up lights with a pregnancy belly, and her due date is on Christmas Day. So the family decided to put up their decorations on November 1st. The day after the decorations went up, the family received a letter from their neighborhood's Homeowners Association letting them know it was too early for that type of behavior. The letter asked her family to remove the decorations and put them back up closer to the holiday season.

The family was shocked to receive the letter but say they will not be removing them. The reason the family gave was that the letter said decorations need to be removed ten days after the holidays but doesn't actually give a day to start putting them up. After the story began to go viral, other homeowners in their neighborhood began putting their decorations up as a sign of solidarity with the Simonis family. You can read more about this story at the CNN website.

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