It's National Radio Day. A day that, in all these years, I never even freakin' knew existed but, hey ... any excuse to party, right??

You would think, given that I work in the radio industry, I would have heard of this one, right??  Nope.  Not once.  Special days call for celebration so, since this one is work-related, I'm not taking the day off. Instead, I brought beer and tequila to work, (like that's never happened before.), and plan on day-drinking while I listen to songs about radio.

Like these 5 for example:

American Radio Stations - Rage

Do You Remember Rock 'N Roll Radio? - Ramones

Heard It On The X - ZZ Top

Spirit Of Radio - Rush

Roadrunner - Joan Jett

If you don't have any radio songs handy, tune into 95.5, KLAQ!  Where it's always "radio day" and party time!!