Nothing like ancient laws that are still in effect. Also, nothing like laws from the 70s that have even been updated within the past 20 years that still seem antiquated. There was a bill passed in Texas back in 1973 called "The Obscene Device Law", which prohibited the sale or promotion of devices that are used to stimulate your no-no zone. These devices are otherwise known as dildos or artificial vaginas.

This bill got an update in 2003, but it still includes a part where you can't own more than 6 dildos in the state of Texas. Now, is this something that people have generally needed to be wary of because police were making rampant, sweeping arrests of people who own dildos? No. But there have been stories of people getting busted. And these stories are crazy.

  • In 2004, a former teacher and mother of three was busted for trying to sell a a vibrator to a couple of undercover cops who were pretending to be a married couple. The former teacher was eventually acquitted.
  • In 2007, a lingerie shop in Lubbock was raided. Sex toys were confiscated and the clerk on duty was arrested.

So is this law something that you should be worried about? Probably not. But it's still on the books. And don't forget, the people who passed this law are probably very similar to the people who claim that being forced to wear a mask is violating their rights. Is that a bit of a stretch? Maybe. But probably not.

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