Poe's Law states:

"Without a clear indication of the author's intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism."

There are so, so many things recently that fall under Poe's Law. I'm part of a small cabal who believe that the entire Trump presidency is nothing but satirical performance art done by elite leftists to discredit and ultimately destroy the Republican party. I also subscribe to the belief that the late Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church were actually agent provocateurs whose real goal was to get America to embrace homosexuality. It worked out that the louder and more offensive they were the more accepting of gays America became. What if the WBC wasn't actually about small-minded bigotry and pig-ignorance and was actually a precisely executed, multi-generational satire of small-mindedness and ignorance? It would sure make a lot of sense.

I've got another example of Poe's Law and a favorite game we sometimes play: Is It Parody?
Today, we take a look at a $40 stuffed animal called The Trumpy Bear.

Reasons The Trumpy Bear May be Parody:

  • The "product" has a hidden American flag. So the Trumpy Bear can literally "wrap himself in the American flag". Heh? Heh? A little too on the nose NOT to be satire?
  • The bear has Trump's ridiculous f***ing hair!
  • The bear's mouth looks like, as Alec Baldwin put it, "a tiny little butthole"...just like Trump.
  • "God bless America...and God bless Trumpy Bear"!!
  • One of the "Army veterans" is supposed to be named "Frank Warholic". Doesn't that sound like a left-wingers condescending idea of what veterans are? Like "workaholic" except "WAR caholic"??


Okay, it appears that they're actually selling the damn thing (no, I didn't shell out 40 bucks to see if they send me one). So I guess that would be the definition of a real product. However, I've got to think just from what I perceive as the mocking tone of this commercial, the manufacturers are doing both: they're openly mocking Trumpites while also gleefully taking their money. I think in today's political climate that may be as close to the American dream as anyone can aspire.

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