We all know that Christina Hendricks flipped when she was called "full figured" during an interview with Sydney's Sun-Herald fashion editor Kate Waterhouse earlier this week. But is she really a full figured girl? Here's her stats and my opinion on the drama.
Christina Hendricks weighs (allegedly) 154 lbs and is 5'8 in height. Now, if you need to broken down more that's a size 10. If you look at the BMI (Body Mass Index) scale she is a healthy weight for her height. Now, in Hollywood standards, obviously she doesn't eat only a carrot and slice of turkey a day, so she is thicker than other actresses out there. But she owns it! She's a gorgeous face, fabulous legs, wonderful figure, and who can forget those bountiful bosoms God graced the world to see! I'm not gonna lie I would motorboat her in a heartbeat if I had the chance. And if you look at the average size of the American woman they are a size 14 and the average height of a woman is 5'4. So, she has about 4 inches on the average woman and is STILL 2 sizes smaller! I think she is a wonderful specimen to ogle at and want to look like. If society wants to say shes full figured fine. But remember, what does that make the rest of masses? Obese?
Check out and feel free to rub one out to these pictures of Christina Hendricks and her fun bags. Your welcome.