A Cheesecake Factory sign popped up at a construction site in Las Cruces yesterday and quickly went viral.

A construction site in Las Cruces, New Mexico was the talk of the town yesterday after a Cheesecake Factory sign was seen at the site. People in the borderland have been wondering for years whether or not we would be getting the popular restaurant franchise. With the news of El Paso getting a Melting Pot next year, many thought that Las Cruces getting a Cheesecake Factory wasn't that far off.

Sadly after the post went viral, the Las Cruces Sun News reported that the sign was a hoax. City officials said that the construction site will actually be an emergency department for MountainView Regional Medical Center. There was also a sign that had been seen advertising a Dave and Busters coming to town too. That sign was also found to be false. The Las Cruces Police Department would like the public to know that prankers putting up these prank signs could face charges.

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