Do you know what to do when an emergency vehicle approaches? Not everyone does so, an Irvin high school student made a pretty cool video.

If a fire truck, ambulance or cop is coming near you, you're supposed to safely pull to the right and get out of their way. Pretty simple but, some people don't get it. So, an Irvin High School student and the El Paso Fire Department made a video for the EPFD Facebook page.

Josh Roman made the 60 second video in english and spanish versions. You wouldn't think he would need to but, trust me, I see people screw this up everyday.

They try and beat the emergency vehicle through an intersection. They try to rush ahead and get to where they were going to turn anyway. Some stop completely in an unsafe place, if not right in the freakin' way of the emergency vehicle.

Props to Josh for a good job on a much needed reminder!

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