Iron Maiden performed at the Don Haskins center yesterday and it was awesome! Despite being in the nosebleeds section (which I have some newfound respect for!), it was an awesome show!

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

While I was still recovering from the concert this morning on the show, I began to get phone calls asking if it was true that Bruce Dickinson had landed a plane in the middle of I-10 and then ran off on ATV's while "Run to the Hills" played in the background?

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I know, that is a very detailed description. I then asked what these callers source was and the only answer I got was "it's all over Facebook". Wasn't much to go. I immediately checked my usual news sources, KVIA, Facebook, FitFam and nothing. I figured if this was true, surely one of those would have been buzzing about it!

I was ready to just call it quits, that is, until, another listener called and gave me the website and headline.

Bruce Dickinson Lands Plane on Interstate to Promote Iron Maiden Tour

That was the headline, of course, I was immediately intrigued!

MadHouse Magazine
MadHouse Magazine

Dickinson, Iron Maiden lead singer and licensed pilot landed a Boeing 747 on Interstate 10 in El Paso, Texas. The stunt was to plug the band’s upcoming gig at the Don Haskins Arena. It was also a way to promote Maiden’s fall tour of the United States.

At this point, I'm really confused; if Dickinson, who really is a licensed pilot, had landed a Boeing 747, wouldn't it had been all over the news?! We know how the traffic in El Paso gets, especially on I-10, this would have been major news.

Well, after some digging, mainly around the website,, I found that this website is a satirical website. One of their stories on their main page is a story that says James Hetfield is dating Kim Kardashian. And since there is no news coverage on this, I can tell you all that this was not real!

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