The El Paso County Sheriff's Association, (EPCSA), is calling for an investigation of Sheriff Richard Wiles.

A letter written by the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, (CLEAT), says Wiles attended a "campaign breakfast fundraiser" at the home of a convicted felon and wants El Paso Commissioners Court to investigate. quoted the letter:

"Sheriff Wiles either knew or should have known that attending an event at the home of a known drug offender would bring discredit to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office; adversely affect the morale or efficiency of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office; and destroy the public respect for and confidence in the operation of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office."

According to CLEAT:

"Wiles may have violated "his own office rules and codes of conduct." "had this conduct been alleged against a detention officer or deputy, that employee would have been placed under investigation by the Sheriff's Office of Internal Affairs."

Wiles has declined all invitations to discuss this matter with his opponent, Tom Buchino, in a public forum. Though, he admitted to KVIA that:

he did attend a community event at a home in Tornillo over the weekend and it was not a fundraiser. ABC-7 also spoke with the homeowner, Ricardo Hernandez, who said there's no reason the sheriff shouldn't have come. "I don't have no ties with any criminal activities," Hernandez said.  --

Wiles has also been accused of retaliation against staff members who support his opponent in Tuesday's general election.