Many comedians see their star rising beyond the comedy showcase that bears their name, just as Amy Schumer fans questioned the fifth season commitment for Inside Amy Schumer after Season 4 earlier this year. Now, following recent controversy with one of the series’ writers, Schumer tacitly suggests Inside Amy Schumer Season 5 may not happen after all.

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, as Twitter is given to misinterpretation (UPDATE: see below), though that same sentiment saw comedy writer Kurt Metzger under fire in recent weeks (among other occasions) for tweets defending an unnamed UCB comic accused of multiple rapes. Metzger made several social media posts between Facebook and Twitter suggesting that accusations and controversy (including his own words) had been blown out of proportion, for which many reached out to Schumer to address one of her series’ writers.

Schumer herself garnered a bit of subsequent controversy, blocking a number of Twitter users inquiring after her response, before the comic formally condemned Metzger’s words.

The issue mutated several times thereafter, between Metzger further clarifying his comments and explaining Amy’s involvement (Vulture has a solid breakdown), though Schumer herself seemed to suggest that Inside Amy Schumer Season 5 itself was no longer a concern:

Those in and of themselves could be misconstrued, though Schumer’s subsequent retweet pointed a bit further down the cancellation path:

UPDATE - Schumer has since clarified the tweets, though Inside Amy Schumer Season 5 may not arrive in 2017:

It’d certainly seem unusual of Schumer or Comedy Central to walk back a fifth season renewal, even if Season 4 garnered perhaps less recognition than its predecessors. The fourth year often made light of Schumer’s career outgrowing cable , a notion admittedly bolstered by her ever-growing stream of movie projects.

There’s every chance Schumer or Comedy Central issue a more concrete statement in the coming days, but should Inside Amy Schumer press on for a fifth season regardless?

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