As spring approaches, so does El Paso's annual tempest.

Springs' arrival in El Paso is typically foreshadowed by insane winds, sometimes reaching hurricane force speeds. Driving gets dangerous as the winds blow cars around in their lanes, semi trucks sometimes flip over and blowing sand and dust obscure vision while flying debris does its own, potentially fatal, damage.

Forget riding a motorcycle in these freakin' haboobs. Trust me, I've done it ... it's intense. I doubt even Evel Knievel would have tried it. He certainly would have never performed one of his legendary jumps during an El Paso wind storm. He'd have landed 20 feet to the side of his ramp.

So, if pretty much every outdoor activity you can think of has become uncomfortable at the least, and dangerous or life threatening at the worst, what can you do? Plenty:

  • Indoor Climbing. Indoor fun and a good workout too.
  • Indoor Skydiving. Ironically, this one is dependent on very high winds. They're fun ones though.
  • Golfing. Yes, you're still outside but they way Top Golf is designed, you're sheltered. And you can day drink.
  • Movies. Catch one of this summers blockbusters at one of El Paso's many theaters. (AMC in the northeast, Cinemark on the west or east side).  If you want to do dinner, drinks and the movie ... all at once ... consider Alamo Drafthouse.
  • Bowling. It's fun, family friendly and they offer food and drink. Try Oasis, Bowl El Paso or, on Ft. Bliss, Desert Strike Lanes.
  • Go see some "local locos" play. They're everywhere ... Support Local Music!
  • Stay home. We learned how to do this during the covid pandemic. Break out all those board games again, start binge watching things on Netflix again or just spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Seriously, even if you don't like your family or roommates; chilling with them inside beats going outside. That's my plan, I'm laying low. See ya'll around the first of June.

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