R.I.P. Prince. Or, now that he's dead I guess he's gone back to being "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" again.

In the early 90s, The Animaniacs were Warner Bros attempt to bring so edginess back to children's cartoons. They would spoof current TV shows and movies, lampoon politicians and entertainers and, on at least one occasion, make a joke about going to town on Prince's butt-hole. What, you don't remember that one? Well, here it is.

In case you didn't catch it, it's the scene of a crime and Yakko tells Dot to go and dust for prints. Yakko does some shtick and in a few seconds Dot returns holding Prince. "I found Prince," she proudly announces.

 Yakko responds, "No...FINGER prints."

Dot looks at Prince. Prince looks at Dot with a lascivious expression on his face. Dot says, "Nah, I don't think so" and throws Prince down the dumb waiter or through a window or whatever. The joke being that Dot thinks she's being told to insert her digits into Prince's butthole, Prince seems to be into (getting a stinky pinky from a cartoon cat or dog (monkey, maybe?) who is also a child, that is.)

Wow, '90s! I thinks that's dirtier than anything Family Guy has ever tried. Well done, you weirdos.

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