On April 21, 2016, the world lost one of the greatest singers of all time; Prince. On August 22, 2023, the spirit of Prince emerged through one particular singer on a visit in California. He would perform a cover of Prince that not only amazed to the crowd, but he would amaze the internet too. The man was Anthony Austin Brown.

Photo Nico
Photo Nico

El Paso is very familiar with Anthony Austin Brown

Not only is he a very funny local comedian, but he's also a very talented lead singer (and a very good friend too). Just watch him perform with the band Feline Fox & you'll see the raw energy he gives to every single one of his comedy & musical performances.

The world was introduced to Anthony with this amazing Prince cover

Guitaro 5000, the one musician was performing on the street for an audience of curious onlookers in California, inviting people to come up to perform with him. Anthony was one of the last people to go up & perform with Guitaro. Anthony introduced himself, said he was from El Paso, Texas & said he wanted to sing Purple Rain by Prince. The reason why...well he always enjoyed Prince & felt like he was conceived to Prince's music (his words, not mine!).

And what the people got...was this incredible performance. Which you can watch in its entirety on Guitar5000's page.

The word spread & was featured on FitFam as well; with many people praising Anthony for not only his talent, but representing El Paso too. As someone who has seen him perform at shows & at karaoke, I know he loves El Paso & the people. And we love him & appreciate him for always representing El Paso wherever he goes.

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