A university in Illinois is on the hunt for a person who has been leaving unwanted "presents" in various students washing machines.

Students living in Abbott Hall at Southern Illinois University are living in fear of opening their washers not to find freshly washed clothes, but their clothing smeared with an unwanted surprise- remnants of fecal matter. Students aren't sure who's leaving their own personal loads in student's loads but at least 8 students have reported findings traces of poop in their clothing.

The culprit doesn't simply dump the feces into the load, he or she is actually sticking it in the rubber lining of the washing machine. After each incident, maintenance staff has the terrible task of cleaning the machines. There are no cameras in the laundry room, so the school is having difficulty figuring out who is behind the incidents.

But why is this happening?

No one will know until the poopy person is caught, but some students think it happens when someone takes too long getting their clothes from the machines. The school hasn't commented on what they are doing to catch the perpetrator, but until then students are getting their clothes as soon as they are done washing.

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