Not everyone lives along a bus line and, in light of the Streetcar shutdown, who knows if bus service will even be available throughout the COVID 19 pandemic?

Voluntarily or not, many businesses have had to close or limit their services. In New Mexico, all non-essential businesses have been ordered to close. For those who have only their motorcycles as transportation, a breakdown right now would be disastrous.

Therefore, the Las Cruces Barnett Harley Davidson location has arranged to keep their parts and service departments open to those who may be about to lose their only "ride". If your scooter is acting up, and you have no other option, contact Barnett at (575) 541-1440. Their hours are not "normal" at this time so, call ahead!!

In El Paso, the situation isn't quite so grim but, that could change. If you have a similar, (desperate), situation here and cannot find an open garage, contact me via email ... ... and I'm pretty sure I can find you a mechanic.

Emergencies only on that last one. Needing an oil change is not the same as "My family is counting on me and I can't get to work". Ok??

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