The Corona Virus is a real threat these days and a Florida Police Department wants to keep you healthy.

To that end, The Atlantic Beach Police Department is offering to examine all Florida produced drugs to be sure they aren't infected. They posted an announcement on their Facebook page warning peeps that recently purchased cocaine, heroin, meth and pretty much all other street drugs from that area may carry the Corona Virus.

Being true public servants, there to protect and serve and all, they're offering to test drugs for the virus at their police station. If you can't get there, they'll happily come to you and check your stuff.

That is so nice of them, looking out for everyone like that. If you think your stash may have Florida roots, I'm sure they'd be willing to coordinate with EPPD to set your mind at ease.

(PS: They may or may not be kidding but I am ... DONT call them.)

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