As a child did you ever dream of working for the Central Intelligence Agency? You know, the CIA? I think I wanted to go in that line of work as a kid, but then I didn't even know what CIA stood for, I just wanted a cool badge. Then I saw "The X-Files" came out and I wanted to work for the FBI, well, I wanted to work with Scully and Mulder; not realizing that it was a step down from CIA agent. Then I realized how hard it must be to even get into the FBI and that dream faded.

If you still dream of joining the nation’s premier agency, then maybe take a look at their Twitter page. On Tuesdays, they host #TuesdayTrivia and give you a puzzle to solve (which technically isn't trivia, but what do I know?). Apparently, if you can solve the puzzles, you should really consider contacting them on their careers page.

On Tuesday, August 18, they posted a code that needed deciphering-  it was deemed "too easy".

On Tuesday, August 25, they decided to step up their game and give a much harder code to decipher.

The CIA gives you hints on what the code could mean. Here's a big hint, the answers are in the comments. But if you refrain from looking at the comments, try and give it your best shot to see if you can figure it out. Side note, my sister figured out the first one and said that it was easy; I, for the record, couldn't even understand what I was looking at. Maybe you'll have better luck!


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