As KLAQ announces their CarnEvil Haunted House, I think we might have found the perfect song to blast through the building. Ice Nine Kills has seen incredible success from their latest horror movie-inspired album, 'The Silver Scream.' The music videos for this album have been created specifically like a horror mini-series. 'IT is the End' is the dramatic conclusion to this music video saga.

This song is so damn catchy, I have a 6-year-old who won't stop singing it. Once you watch it, you might pee your pants a little but you will also be headbanging so hard your clown nose will fall off. You then may question where you got a clown nose from but just go with IT.

Clowns are always a popular costume but this year, they are insanely popular. Some clown highlights so far are IT: Chapter 2 receiving rave reviews, KLAQ is helping bring you a terrifying haunted house revolving around scary as hell clowns and now Ice Nine Kills created a freakin' sweet music video you will want playing in the background of any Halloween party or haunted house.


Now, my job is convincing the peeps at CarnEvil to blast this song every night.

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