Whether you're a fan of Ice Nine Kills or know them as the band who was most recently banned from performing at Disney, they are definitely one of the most unique acts in metal right now. Their latest album The Silver Scream is a "horror movie concept record" based on different popular horror films, and they even created their own video series to go with it. Vocalist Spencer Charnas recently spoke with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez about the humorous Disney ban and how his love of horror developed.

"We were told that because of our violent imagery, we were not welcome at the Orlando stop of the tour," Charnas says of the band's April announcement that they would not be performing at the Hard Rock in Disney Springs. "That particular venue is on Disney property, so they can kind of do whatever they want as far as banning any different act they want, for whatever reason, and not really give too much of an explanation."

"I thought it was pretty funny," the singer laughs. After discovering the band would not be able to play the show months before it was scheduled to take place, Charnas took the situation so lightheartedly that he came up with a way to make their announcement creative. "We ended up making some really funny t-shirts to sort of make fun of the whole thing and not take it too seriously."

"We put the characters that look like they would maybe be the Disney characters into horror icons' costumes and situations...We spent a little bit of time getting the designs just right, and we were really happy with how they were received. Disney hasn't called us yet. I was expecting a cease and desist order from them, but last time I talked to Minnie, she said that we should be all good," he laughs.

Charnas's love for horror was not a result of the influence of peers. He explains that as a child, the supermarket his mother shopped at had a VHS section. "I spent my time in the horror aisle. I would gaze upon the covers of Halloween and Friday the 13th - all these different slasher movies, and I just knew I needed to see these," he reminisces. He saw his first horror movie around seven or eight years old, and years later he recorded vocals at SugarMynt Gallery - located right next to the original Michael Myers house featured in Halloween.

To hear more about the band's experience recording The Silver Scream and the inspiration for their video series, listen to the full interview above.

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