Yes, I have said that. More precisely, I've said the movie trope of someone dropping a gun and then it going off doesn't happen to "any un-modified firearm in good repair manufactured within the last 100 years".

Since around the 1940's, gun manufacturers have put in safety measures to prevent guns from going off unless the trigger is pulled. You can imagine the huge lawsuits that would be filed if a gun discharged because it was dropped or jostled. Pre-1900, all bets are off because the safety standards were left up to the manufacturers. Some guns can be modified to require less pull pressure on the trigger (the "hair-trigger" as it is known) but even those still need some kind of pressure directly on the trigger.

Let's put it this way: it would be extremely, EXTREMELY unlikely for any gun manufactured since 1945 to "just go off" on it's own.

So, what happened in THIS video where a guy puts a gun down the front of his pants and it goes off and shoots him in the dong? Buzz is full of crap right? I knew it!

(Seriously, though, this video shows a guy actually shooting himself in the dingus. Don't watch if you are easily...triggered. Ha! )

So...what happened? Here's what I think. The gun goes off when the guy bends over. I guess, maybe...and this would be a very unlikely stroke of bad luck....the material of his pants bunches up in such an unlikely way that it gets between the trigger and the trigger guard and puts enough pressure on it to go off. Technically, the trigger was activated. As I say, though, this would be a very, very rare occurrence. Otherwise, you'd hear about people blowing their wangs off much more frequently.

Be careful out there. And, if you're going to carry your firearm that way, they make holsters designed for exactly that kind of carry.

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