Times are hard, but not this hard! TikTok is going crazy for this new "hack" that involves a simple bag of potato chips. I'm not entirely sure who the culprit is that started this trend, Insider says that it's Eli of @Elis_Kitchen, and I would entirely believe it was them who started it because under their bio it says: "the most evil chef on tiktok".

In Eli's video, which they have titled "signature cheesy mashed potatoes" they gather several small bags of Lay's potato chips and boil them down to a puree. Eli then adds cheese and paprika and eats it like its a normal, everyday thing. It feels illegal to watch but here's the video.

Call the police. Don't even get me started on that shot of potato chip water he downed.

I can forgive a lot of things in this video- the messy stove, for instance; but did he seriously just un-fry a potato chip?! Just get some potatoes, this isn't the potato famine- potatoes are sold in regular grocery stores, and they're not even expensive! Heck, I'd even allow for them to have used the mashed potato flakes! I know times are hard, but I know for sure that a big bag of Lay's potato chips cost less than a small bag of potatoes!

After this video went viral, tons of other TikTok users and YouTube users started recreating the recipe. I know I'm not alone when I say this is ludicrous! Many of the viewers of the video commented their disgust as well like: "This should be a war crime" and possibly my favorite comment: "I can't wait for Gordon Ramsey to find this". Yes, call Gordon Ramsey and then call the police! As with any trend on TikTok, I'm sure this too will die out, but until then, if I see another person creating this on my For You page, I will scream!

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