I recently turned 30, which is still weird to say aloud. I am considered a Millennial which is weird too because according to the internet, I'm like, 19. You know who is 19, though? My nephew, he's a Gen Z-er, so I think, thanks to him, I still feel like I'm young and hip. Because of that I still believe that I'm totes allowed to still use slang words and terms That's right I said "totes."

According to a new study, I am NOT too old to be using slang words and terms. The new study revealed that Americans are too old to be using slang when they hit the age of... 43. I've got thirteen more years to go! But let's not get ahead of ourselves, the study also revealed that one in four Americans think that using slang over the age of 25 is totes not cute at all and I feel attacked.

The study also revealed the top five words that Americans find annoying: GOAT, bae, hangry, Gucci and ghost all win the most annoying words to use. That's bad news because the study also revealed the most COMMONLY used slang terms, "bae" is number one. The rest on the top five most commonly used slang terms are: SMH, lit, fam and hangry.

I feel like 43 seems like an appropriate age to drop the slang, but 25? 25 isn't old enough for anything! I think if anything, slang doesn't annoy me, you know what does? Overuse of emoji's! I do find myself using slang in everyday language, I tend to use "yas" a lot in place of "yes." I also use a lot of "shade", "tea," "hunty," "snack," "salty" and one of my personal favorites is "thirsty."

But as much as I use them, never have I used it in an email to my boss or to any higher ups! The study also revealed that 37% of people think using slang in the workplace is absolutely unacceptable! As much as I may use slang while I'm on the show, I don't think I'd be able to use it in an email to any higher ups!

Where do you stand on the slang thing? How old is too old? If anything, I think we can all agree that "fetch" is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! Sorry, Gretchen Wieners.