A couple of road closures are taking place this week related to the Go10 road construction project.

The next big change coming to the interstate is lane shifting and re-striping between Asacro and the Buena Vista bridge aka (The bridge to nowhere.) During the week of May 9 through Friday the 13th, crews will be out working 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Remember to share the road with construction personnel.

Go 10 El Paso

Another big part of the Go10 project is taking place at Mesa and I-10  during the day. Crews will be shifting traffic over onto the new, recently completed lanes on South Desert Boulevard.

Check out some of the pictures from work at Mesa and I-10.

I-10 & North Mesa intersection
I-10 near Sunland Park
South Desert Boulevard frontage road, widened from two lanes to five, with access to a brand new turnaround lane (under I-10)