Here's how some dog owners are having their dogs get more exercise, socialize, and give themselves a break by taking their dogs to doggy daycare. As the owner of a puppy, I know how it is when you just need a little break. Working a full-time job, exercising five days a week, still wanting to see friends or go out to dinner can take up a lot of your time, but you also want to make sure your dog is getting the attention and exercise they need. This is when doggy daycare could come in handy.

Having a puppy with endless energy means I'm taking her on multiple walks a day, and she's still able to play for hours. After sending her on multiple play dates, I realized what she may need is more time with other dogs, so she can exercise out her energy instead of taking it out on me 24 hours a day. I spoke to a few friends that take their dogs to doggy daycare and they all agree, doggy daycare may be the way to go.

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In El Paso, there are plenty of doggy daycares open for various budgets and in different areas of town. So whether you want a daycare conveniently close to your home, or don't want to spend an arm and a leg, there is a doggy daycare that can fit your needs. To have your pet attend dog daycare, your dog must be up-to-date on all shots and check with the daycare to see if they need to be neutered or spayed. Check out some of the doggy daycares we have here in El Paso below.

Hyper Dog? Let Them Exercise Their Energy Out At Doggy Daycare

Find out more information about these dog day camps at their various Facebook pages:

There are plenty of great local dog daycare centers available so you can do your own research and find the dog day camp that fits your and your furry family member's needs.

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