In life, we have encountered our fair share of Karens in El Paso. Some of those Karens can easily be offended and triggered by an exchange of words. Whether it is your opinion or correcting someone your words will hurt and cut like a knife.

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You would be surprised how many people can be triggered over three words. There are a few ways on how you could upset an El Pasoan in three words or less. But the three subjects involve the Dallas Cowboys, driving, and Chico's Tacos.

These three subjects are known for triggering certain El Pasoans. For example, you should avoid saying any negative remarks to an El Pasoan about those three things. Here are a few ways to upset an El Pasoan:

Your driving sucks.

Not Chico's Tacos.

Dallas Cowboys blow.

Those are some things to say that sometimes awakens the Karen inside some people. But there have got to be other ways of upsetting an El Pasoan in three words or less. Some El Pasoans take such offense to other's opinions or beliefs.

The three examples I listed are the types that have been known to cause drama. Some El Paso drivers get mad at other drivers for a mistake that was on them in the first place. Also, when a drunk friend wants Chico's Tacos, don't ever disagree with them. And last but not least, leave America's favorite NFL team the Dallas Cowboys sure can rile people up. Place your vote below on how you've upset a fellow El Pasoan.

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