There are quite a few ways to ruin an El Pasoans day in 5 words or less. KLAQ listeners certainly didn't hold back when it came to sharing their own two cents.

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The top topics that would ruin an El Pasoans day revolved around weather, sports, food chains, and a political person. The KLAQ Facebook page got some great feedback that had me wondering about another topic.

Imagine if we reversed the topic and instead asked how would you excite an El Pasoan in five words or less. I won't be surprised if there are more responses from El Pasoans on that kind of topic.

Let's face it, some El Pasoans would sure as hell be excited if they heard "El Paso's getting a Cheesecake Factory." That would definitely make any El Pasoan excited and also their year.

I mean after all, just refer to the April Fools pranks with the food chain banners being shared on April 1. For example, the banners that either show the food chains In-N-Out or The Cheesecake Factory on social media.

Plus, there sure are quite a few ways to excite an El Pasoan that isn't just about food. Another way to excite an El Pasoan in five words or less is "No more road closures" can you imagine that?

Better yet, "Zaragoza has NO traffic" would be the best kind of thing Eastsiders would love to hear. In fact, anything traffic-wise would be music to any El Pasoans ears in my opinion. Feel free to share your two cents about how you can excite an El Pasoan in five words or less on the KLAQ Facebook page.

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