Say you're having some beef with lil' puppet from the wrong side of town? Now you can win in a hood street fight, guaranteed.

When you confront the dude all you have to do is have a good argument to start off then when he wants to throw a punch all you have to do it drop your pants. I know, right? Genius!

And don't forget to wear a nice bright colored snug pair of speedos, maybe the ones with an elephant on the front, that way he knows you are for real. This move will guarantee he won't be touching you at all. In fact, more than likely he will start off the other direction.

This tactic works well for guys, not sure how effective it would be for the girls. Probably some sort of sexual assault would take place so we don't recommend you try it, ladies. And guys, if you do try this, beware also. Unless you want lil puppet's number, then by all means.

Disclaimer: This is NOT for a real fight, just don't be stupid and have beef with anyone. Kapesh?

Credit: TwinzTV via YouTube

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