There are a few ways to spot out someone who wasn’t born and raised here in El Paso. My military friends stood out since they didn’t consider our cold, cold. Military friends have traveled near and far but if they’re from Chicago or Denver, our cold is nothing compared to theirs. Somewhere you will spot more than one is at the Wal-Mart on Dyer and Fred Wilson. I see a lot of customers that go shopping in shorts, flip flops, and maybe a hoodie. You can spot out an El Pasoan if they’re bundled up in layers in low 50-degree weather.  Another obvious clue to tell that someone isn’t from El Paso is when they wear a uniform every day and work on base. Besides the famous heroic olive green uniform they wear for work there's another clue to look out for. Their symbolic military haircut is also another dead giveaway that they're not from here.

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    Wearing Flip Flops In Cold Weather

    A lot of people who are from colder parts of the States really shows in their outfits. When the Sun City isn't so sunny out you sometimes see people wearing flip flops. If you were born and raised in El Paso then you know our winters are nothing compared to other places.

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    Wearing Military Uniform

    Reporting to base in an olive green uniform is how you know they're new to El Paso. When you're in a military family you know there's a lot of traveling. Fort Bliss has been the new home for many soldiers that relocate here.

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    The High and Tight Cut aka Walker

    This haircut is quite the trend when you're on base in Fort Bliss. The high and tight cut is pretty much on every male and some female soldiers. This military cut can distinguish who is not from around here.

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    Heroes Hot Spot

    You will find a lot of heroes without their capes having a good time out and about. Their favorite spot to all get together is either at Lil Bit of Texas or Whiskey Dick's.