When you start thinking about animals people don't like, spiders and snakes probably come to mind first.

Mice and rats can be really annoying too, especially when any of these guys actually move in with you. A visit from the local exterminator typically gets rid of these critters quickly though so, while troublesome, they aren't too big of a deal.

One animal that is on pretty much everybody's s***list is not only a pain but also very hard to get rid of.

The pigeons.

They are, as my brother refers to them, basically "flying rats" and there are billions of them all over the Borderland. They can damage roofs and paint while leaving huge messes and disease behind as they look for places to nest.

They poop everywhere and that poop is loaded with diseases like Salmonella, E. coli, Candidiasis, Histoplasmosis, St. Louis encephalitis, and more. (Ok, that St. Louis guy is actually spread by mosquitos but only by mosquitos that have fed on pigeons.)

They are stubborn and almost impossible to get rid of. If you have ever had a few gather around your house, you know how persistent they are.

Here are a few tips to get rid of them and/or keep them from setting up at your place, to begin with.

  • Chicken wire/ netting. Use this to block off shady areas under eaves, window sills, and other spots where these jerks gather to avoid sun, weather, predators, etc.
  • Gels. Spread this stuff on your roof. It's really sticky and the pigeons hate it.
  • Spikes or nails. You can buy ready-made spike strips to lay along your roof which leaves them nowhere to sit. You can also make your own by poking tacks or small nails through roofing paper and laying that out.
  • Electric Shock. Thin wires lying along the area where they're chilling will shock them when their feet touch them. You might want to let a pro handle that one for you.

These are pretty effective but, if your neighbor does nothing at his end, that's as far as they will go. In that case, you'll still have them nearby, just not directly over you. Your roof and car will thank you.

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