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How To: Block Facebook Apps
We all hate them. The constant invitations to play CandyCrush, FarmVille, or whatever this week's newest addiction is. Luckily, there's an easy way to block these invitations and it only take 10 seconds!
How To Drink On An Airplane Cheap
The last time I went on a plane the cost of a couple drinks to calm my nerves set me back more than I expected. Well, then a friend told me this awesome trick to getting to drink for a whole lot less.
Ebay Crazy!!!
Ok so I am preparing to move into a new home this fall and have been aquiring stuff from E bayfor the new crib. Got some retro tablelamps and one of them needed to be rewired. Had to push a lot of wire through a long skinny tube. In the end I had to stop and rethink my theory on big thing and small openings...