In the immortal words of Connor McCloud of the Clan MacLeod, “There can be only 1!” It sucks when your team isn’t “the one,” but there are also 31 other teams where this season wasn’t theirs to be, “the one.”

After last weekend’s stinker against the Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys haters, critics, and even fans began raising questions about the ‘Boys future and the future of (fill in the blank). We’ve got questions too. That’s part of the fun of being a fan…the freedom to pontificate with whatever degree of insight one possesses. Regardless of how terrible the taste left in the mouth last Sunday, this Sunday gives Cowboys fans a reason to care about the 2017 finale against the Eagles. If you’re a true fan, you support your team EVERY game no matter what’s at stake. Simply stated, a diehard fan is just that, one that dies hard and remains a fan until death.

In order to help you prove you’re a diehard AND knowledgeable fan, we’re sharing some facts about this week’s game straight from the Dallas Cowboys Media Relations department’s weekly “Game Notes” press release:

Series Notables:

* Dallas has faced no team more than Philadelphia (117 times) and has defeated them more times (65) than all but one team (Washington - 70).

* Dallas and Philadelphia have met in one Wild Card Playoff Game, two Divisional Playoff Games and an NFC Champion­ship Game.

* The Cowboys won 11 consecutive games over the Eagles from 1967-1972, marking the second-longest win streak over one opponent in club history.

* Dallas and Philadelphia have combined to win 29 of a possible 48 NFC Eastern Division titles.

A Cowboys Win Would:

* Give Dallas its 36th season with a winning record.

* Serve as the Cowboys 200th win in the NFC East and close out the Cowboys 2017 record against their divisional rivals at 5-1, and 200-72 overall.

* Allow Dallas to finish the 2017 season 6-2 on the road.

* Improve the Cowboys record in season-enders to 25-33 and 12-23 on the road.

* Up Dallas’ record in season finales against Philadelphia to 3-4 overall and 1-2 on the road.

Here’s one last reason to be excited about this weekend’s game…free beer! Go to any place showing the game, like at our viewing party. Discretely listen to KLAQ’s broadcast over a portable radio with earphones, earbuds, whatever. Our broadcast is transmitted 10-12 seconds ahead of the television broadcast. So when something significant happens, make a quick bar bet based on your great knowledge of the game and teams’ execution.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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Your friends will be shocked and amazed and be paying for your drinks all game long. One tip – don’t listen to the stream for the game because NFL regulations will not allow us to stream the game over the KLAQ Mobile App or radioPup.

There is one thing about the future of the Cowboys we can tell you with certainty, and it’s what diehard fans really want to hear. The 2018 Dallas Cowboys WILL be carried on the Q!

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