If you weren't able to login to Facebook or Instagram yesterday, don't worry. You weren't the only one. Practically everyone & their grandmother were unable to check their accounts or use WhatsApp at all.

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I'm sure you had a similar experience I did when you found out Facebook was down. I was just checking online, went to the webpage when suddenly I was met with this...


A similar thing happened when I went to Instagram.


Sure enough, Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp were back up & running after a few hours. But by that point, there were plenty of memes made, making fun of what just happened with plenty of people responding with the hashtags "#facebookdown", "instagramdown", & #whatsappdown". 

Here's what some people from El Paso had to say:



And that's just a few. You can find plenty more reactions online. It was very entertaining seeing so many people posting about how Twitter was the "savior" yesterday. But at the same time, it was very annoying since we're always checking out social media & using it to embed videos/posts/photos, etc in our articles. Thankfully it was only down for about 6 hours.

If it happens again, I know many people will be ready to joke about this, make plenty more memes out of this & I'll definitely be on the lookout for them. But if it happens again, I will try to use that time away from social media in a productive way... like listen to Rush's whole discography.

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