NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL ... no matter the sport, they have one thing in common. HOTTIES!!

I was watching The Patriots beat The Broncos earlier today (like I had a choice?  Hanging with Dubba G you learn pretty quick it's ALL about the PCLMM.  That's Patriots, Coors Light, Motorcycles and Metal) something occurred to me. For a sport that's aimed at males for the most part, you sure don't see a lot of chicks.

I mean, c'mon, you're trying to keep a bunch of guys interested in a game where they stop play every five seconds. Everytime that clock stops, you'd think they'd cut to the Cheerleaders! For the guys its more entertaining than looking at a three-hundred pound linemans butt. For the ladies, since the guys don't wear outfits you could exactly call "revealing", it would give us a chance to check out the dance moves, outfits, or at least exercise our "catty" muscles.

Bottom line, every sport has its Cheerleaders/Dancers and we don't see enough of them. . So who do you think has the hottest ones? Basketball, Football, Baseball or Hockey?

Some sports pay more attention to them than others, but they all have them. Here are a few samples to get you started from my home State of Florida!  Let me know where you think the hottest are below or on the KLAQ Facebook page!

MY favorite?? Gotta go with the Dolphins on this one!!

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