Meet Jennifer, Ashley, Paola , Victoria Elise and many other girls from El Paso. You can see pictures of them posing for a selfie in the bathroom after a great workout or just them taking a joyride in the back seat of a car.

These hot babes from the Sun City are capturing hearts- the kind that appear when you ‘like’ their photos on Instagram. They are great at getting and keeping followers. It’s not just about posting a picture online, it’s way more. These babes know what filter to use, what caption to add and the hash tags that are needed to catch our attention.

They are featured on a instagram page called Texas Babes. The profile shows girls from all around our great state of Texas. I did all the work for you so that way you can check out these hometown hotties! Enjoy.

Meet Jennifer Borja.

Followers: 17 Hundred

Insta-Quote: 'Believe that success is your only option'

Now here is Ashley Gomez.

Followers: 12 hundred

Insta-Quote: 'Jersey girl always and forever'

This is @stephiebaby626

Followers: 9-hundred

Insta-Quote: 'She a killa and a sweet thang'

I'm a fan of this girl. Check out Andrea Rivas.

Followers: 11-hundred

Insta-Quote: 'Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself'

Something about Paola that I like but I just can't figure it out.

Followers: 14-hundred

Insta-Quote: UTEP

This is one of my favorite bartenders Leslie.

Followers: 17-hundred

Insta-Quote: 'Enlightened'

Victoria Elise is a girl that like to travel. Back and forth from El Paso to Las Vegas.

Followers: 152 Thousand

Insta-Quote: 'Just your friendly neighborhood Pokémon Master'

Finally meet this model from El Paso called Sara Cakez. There is a picture of her in black lingerie. Oh my goodness!

Followers: 4 thousand

Insta-Quote: 'God's child'

I'll post more pictures as time goes by. If you missed the video of us talking about the hot girls from January then check it out below.



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