Ever gave the thought that when the stars are aligned that some magic is going to take place? Not quite where I stand on the subject of stars and the power they represent to the character of being human, but like Trump getting elected I guess anything is possible!

Someone once said that when someone asks you what star you were born under to respond, "I was born under them all!" That also takes on a whole other conversation. I'll admit that reading up on my sign, Sagittarious, I was pleasantly surprised how seemingly accurate it actually seemed to know me or do they? To me personally getting hooked into this is kind of like going out and picking up a Ouija board to contact the dead! No thank you.

If the thought that your lively hood is represented in the night time sky well time to seek a higher power! I'll stick to what I know and don't. Hasn't failed me yet, maybe it's written in the stars! What sign fills your astrological chart?