I am totally looking forward to the time the Labyrinth sequel is released. That movie is one of my favorite childhood flicks I used to watch on repeat. It feels good to finally see one of my childhood wishes finally come true. The only bummer about the sequel is that David Bowie can't make his great return as the evil goblin king Jareth. Which leaves you to wonder which celebrity will be the chosen one. Another thing we're also curious about is if we can expect the same cute creatures from the first movie in the sequel.

I have been wondering if it will be the kind of sequel that does a complete transformation on the whole cast. It would be and feel great to see the original goblins make a return in the sequel. I would like to see the same goblins in the video above return in the sequel. Unfortunately, the late Jim Henson is no longer with us which means the sequel has a new director. Since Labyrinth 2 is now under the direction of Scott Derrickson could possibly mean little or drastic changes for the sequel. We could also be surprised by the outcome and possibly love the sequel more than the original.

There have been other sequels that did much better than the original in the past. That also has me wondering if I will end up loving the sequel more than the original Labyrinth. I look forward to seeing the sequel and hope the new goblin king fills David Bowie's old shoes perfectly. Place your vote in the poll if you're excited to see Labyrinth 2 when it is released below.

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